Red Seal Certification in Ontario??

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Hi, I'm planning writing my Red Seal in Feb. Looking for the best books and/or guides to study from. I have been using Gisslen and On Cooking. 

Please email any ideas. 

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Gisslen won't cover it all... especially the pastry section. They'll hit you with some old school terms that don't even appear in Gisslen. Ask me how I know. :p

Check up on required reading for several schools and study as much as possible from all of it.
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I will be written soon, can you please advice what areas I should be working on for red seal in ontario.
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Good day all, I am writing my red seal exam This coming wednesday!! (April 25, 2012)

Can anyone give me some advice, or perhaps some sample questions?

Thanks all, its very much appreciated!
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Congratulations to all of you for pursuing your papers.  I wrote my Red Seal just about a year ago.  The online study website was only moderately helpful, in my opinion.  The only advice I can give is to think in terms of procedures....what steps you would follow to prepare a specific item.  Eg....would the carrots be a)steamed, b)boiled, c)sauted

On Cooking was the text used at school and covers a good quantity of the information but some things were NOT covered in the texts or in class so it is a process of elimination.

Good luck to all of you
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hi chefs,

i heared that if you have a culinary management diploma then you can write red seal at any time, I mean before your hours completed too

Can anyone tell me if not how many hours we need .

Thank you
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Wow, I am glad to know that there  are lots of people like me out there.  I am over 50 and got comfortable with life as a private chef, I procrastinated for too long to take my Red Seal, I guess I am ready... one question, is it worth taking the Red Seal Ready  program? (George Brown) .  I took Chef Training Program at George Brown, have a diploma in HRM in the 90s, I do private gigs in the Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo) and work part time at an Italian Catering Company  as menu consultant. Been cooking for almost 20 I need more hours to prove???
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Please, please, pretty please check with the ITA website (industry training authority) for  what you need to "challenge" the Red Seal.

Each province has different requirements, and these requirements change from time to time.
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