Red Seal (Canada)

Joined Dec 29, 2010
I'm very excited to join the big bright world of the culinary arts!!!

Being new to the forum I just wanted to share my story in case there are any people in the same position as me with advice, or people looking to make the next step that just want to ask some questions.

I'm 23, spent the past 9 months working in a busy restaurant chain in Ontario, and this was my first ever kitchen job. I took to it right away. The fast pace, the energy, the people and the heat was exactly what I had been looking for my whole life.

After learning the whole line though, I felt bored, something was missing. Knowing that there I would never get an opportunity to cook a leg of lamb, or lobster or work on creating my own sauces! I then started looking into schools that fit around my schedule, when I decided that if I was going to spend my career in the kitchen, I might as well benefit from it.

So I contacted the ministry of apprenticeships and registered to get my Red Seal. The schooling for this is roughly $800-$900 per year, and for every successful year of completion the government will give me a grant for $1200. (cross your fingers!)

This is an incredible opportunity and a great way to get people into the trades. I have been at my new restaurant for nearly 1 week, and every single day is like a real life classroom. The chefs there have started me back at square one and are working on my knife skills and cutting techniques. The menu changes daily so I am very fortunate. I'm hoping to be back on this forum one day with some really good news.

To any aspiring cooks or home chefs out there still undecided about a career path, I say go work for 6 months in any kitchen that will let you tie up your apron and go for it! I wasted 4 years in the warehouse industry and I gave up alot more money to start back at the bottom of the ladder, but if you've got the passion, you've got a chance. Go for it!
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