Red potatoes

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I saw Jamie Oliver talking some time back about young kids not knowing what certain foods are when they see them. Look, if a teenager can't id a rutabaga, or a Noni, I would understand. But this....

Me in line at reg in my local BigY market: Hi

Cashier (late teens): Hi, how are you?

Me: Fine, ty.

Cashier: Umm, what are theses?

Me: Red potatoes

I mean, seriously??? :confused:
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No time to teach that in HS because they were preparing for college. They'll probably get to potatoes in grad school.
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Yep...I've had young teens working the checkout ask me what basil is, cilantro, leeks, celery root, ginger and a whole bunch more. If I have one that asks what basil is, I invite them to give it a smell and watch as their faces light up. :)

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