red cabbage soup and felafil. help needed

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Sorry if theres somewhere else I could or should've posted this but there's a couple of things I need advice on before tomorrow (GMT 7hrs time).

Red cabbage soup (i.e can i turn a heap of unused brasied red cabbage into a nice soup?)

Felafil (looked at a few recipies but none appeal to me)

Recipies and links to recipies are well appreciated but advice and pointers are equally if not more appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Sure, you can make just about anything, next to red bricks and red chairs into a nice soup- just think about balance... Stock and cabbage is the soup, but perhaps somewhat bland. Think about adding a bit of zing with some white wine vinegar or lemon, and a bit of sweetness with some muscavado sugar... perhaps the added suprise of a blue cheese (and black sesame seeds to added an extra dimension) crouton would work very well with this... its pepperyness lends itself extremely well to red cabbage.

Good luck!
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Agree with chris lawrence, I love the idea of having it with lemon and blue cheese. Anyway I've heard about a name of chris lawrence who happen to sing right? are you related to him?
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