Recommended Tools for home Italian kitchen

Discussion in 'Q&A With Mario Batali' started by smurfe, May 10, 2010.

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    Welcome to the forums and thank you so much for your time. Miss you on Iron Chef and catch your shows on Hulu so I still get my fix. As an advanced home cook I wanted to ask what kitchen tools you would recommend to anyone to have in their kitchen (other than basic knives and pot/pan set) for everyday to advanced home Italian cooking. Possibly some examples of tools that may be a waste of money as other tools will accomplish the job with same results such as a full set of knives when you only need 2-3 knives. BTW, your cast iron risotto pot is the most used item other than my knives in my kitchen. I love that pot.
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    One item that I can’t live without is a nice pasta pot, or a nice heavy bottom pan. Having a really good quality pot  and a pan that will last you through any cooking success or disaster is something no one should forego.