Recommended places to eat in Lyon, Avignon, or Roanne France ?

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Have a great time and take good notes, I want to live vicariously through your French adventures!!!
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I'm leaving for France this Friday.

A week in Roanne, attending a cooking school, then 3 days in Avignon, followed by 4 days in Lyon. I really hope I get to check out Paul Bocuse's place in Lyon. And, I hope I get to check out a lot of "bistro" food.

A full report here when I get back.
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Oh, please keep a diary of the tastes, aromas and other impressions! I'm green with envy, Bayou.
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OK, I'm back ...

Great trip! The cooking school in Roanne was with Chef Jean Marc Villard (taught for a while at Paul Bocuse's school in Lyon.) Eating 4 meals a day was tough (.. but somebody had to do it ..) The week included plenty of cooking, open market tours, long cheese & wine tastings ;)
Did I mention that I bought a beer at the Mc Donalds in Roanne ???

If you get to Avignon, check out Christian St. Etienne's place by the "Palace of the Popes." Well worth the trip.

In Lyon (we didn't make it to Paul Bocuse's) we had two great meals at the 4 star Hotel Parrache.

If you are considering a trip to France, don't put it off, and save some time for Lyon.

Taking the early morning "coffee & cressonts" at a street-side bistro is not to be missed (am I spoiled, or what ...)

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