Recommended Individual French Pastry Recipe/Cookbooks...?

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I'm pretty old so the books I list will be dated for most. If you are looking for a classical type pastry there are a couple of fairly good ones.

Michel & Albert Roux have a pretty good series.

Roland Bileux & Alain Escoffier also have a good series.

I can personally recommend  any books by Yves Thuries and Gaston Lenotre. 

I can look in my library tonight for others.
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one of the best books you might find (expensive though) is...

the advanced pastry chef by bo friberg

they sell it on amazon.
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Bo Friberg is an excellent choice. I have "The Professional Pastry Chef", which i believe is similar.

The book i have been hooked on lately is Patisserie  by William and Suzue Curley.

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