Recommended cookware?

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by hila efrati, Jan 28, 2017.

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    I've just moved to the U.S and i'm lost, i love cooking (at home), i want to buy pots and pans but i'm not familiar with any of the brands here :/

    Can you please recommend me on cookware brands?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Brand is not as important as quality of construction, the thickness of the base and so on. Those are things you should know as well from back home.

    For basic stainless cookware, Tramontina is a good brand with good performance for the price. Most Tramontina is from Brazil. Walmart has them sometimes in store and carries some sets on line worth considering.  is a small set in tri ply clad stainless

    A bigger set

    And the 12" clad saute pan they both omit.

    For non-stick, I tend to buy a thick aluminum pan with a basic teflon coating and a metal handle for use in the oven.  Expect to replace it in about 3-5 years or so.  I buy these at the discount stores, Big Lots and places like that.  $20-25 for a 12" pan usually. 

    Cast iron, Lodge is the default for a decent casting and seasoning from the store. You can get good pans in other brands, but you'll have to check the casting quality pan by pan.

    If price is no object in cast iron, Smithey makes a beautiful polished pan at an outrageously terrible price.

    You can find higher value name brands (Calphalon, All-Clad, Cuisinart and so on) in discount stores like TJMaxx, Tuesday Morning, Home Goods and so on. You never know what they'll have for good or bad.  
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    Hi Hila,

    I cookware is all subjective just like knives. Almost twenty years ago I received my first induction range (Cooktek) and the rep had brought along a myriad of cookware to demonstrate the versatility of the range. I'd say she brought along five or six different brands and yes most was the usual stuff we see and use today but there was a brand I wasn't familiar with 'Spring'. Started using them and have never looked back. Not indestructible but far from wimpy. I especially love the Swisssteel 'Blackline' cast iron, just plain awesome stuff. They are heavy into buffet and serving systems if thats your thing.

    Good Luck!