Recommendations for countertop convection oven

Joined Apr 25, 2021
Hello everyone.
I am new to this space. Need some help.
I just started my catering service and also market cold fresh / frozen prepared meals at local farmers markets.
I am in the process of setting up for some hot meal options (30% of what I take to the market).
Currently looking to buy a countertop convection oven and these below are under consideration.
Primarily this would be used to heat frozen meats (Chicken & Beef & Fish)
- Vollrath 40703 Cayenne Half Size (~ $940)
- Moffat E22M3 Half Size (~ $1043)
- Waring WCO500X Half Size (~ $700)

Any recommendations of which of these 3 I should get. or any other recommendations not listed
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