Recommendations for a chef knive

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Hi. I need some experienced reviews about chefs knives. I had been reading a lot about knives, but I'm not quite sure about what I'm looking for. My husband is a chef. I want to give him a knive as a gift. I know he need a chef knife, but I don't know which one is better or about if is stainless steel or carbon... I'm not even good at the kitchen...I really need help. Please! Thanks.
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Probably good to start with figuring out what he currently uses, what length it is, how it is maintained, what the primary cutting tasks are. 
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If your husband is a chef, maybe it might just be a better idea to give him a big wad of cash and a nice card that says. "Here, This big wad of cash if for you to go out and buy yourself a nice new chef's knife. I love you.". I think that would be better.
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