recommedations on must eat at in Paris

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Hello all,

A good friend of mine has some work to do in Paris, France. He's not going to be there very long, but will have one day to Rome about. To put it simply...he loves good food!

Does anyone have a recommendation for one really nice...

... high end restaurant? What is that one place that you would not miss (the only caveat is that a person must be able to get reservations)

... bakery that stands out from the others? I'm not sure if one could stand out from the others...but something that is a culinary set apart (or historically significant).

... cheese shop.

... hidden gem (inexpensive, or at least...not overly expensive)

...any personal recommendation not covered

I understand that this is alot to ask. But I really do value your opinions. He's got such a short time, only a day...if there is anything you can offer would be a great help.

thanks so much ChefTalkers!
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If he does not have very long to stay, like maybe a day, he will miss some nice stores.

In the district of Marais on Vignon street there is a store/boutique called "Duc de Gascogne". In that charming store he will find some of the best little treasures to bring you back. They are famous for their pate. (I will not put accents when I write)
Like pate de foie au jus de truffles ( liverpate with truffle juice)
Mousse de canard au jus de truffle ( duck mousse with truffle juice)
On the same street there are endless stores, bakeries, wine, salon de the, etc...
Alleosse for famous cheeses- On the street called Poncelet

"Place de la Madeleine" (must go there) - the entire street is popular for famous caviar, mustards, and there is a Chocolatier called " Fauchon " The store is a incredible.

As far as picking a restaurant...... L'atelier de Joel Robuchon (1st pick).....I know there are so many more....
Taillevent ? Guy Savoy ? Jules Verne ?
He must go to the Louvre and from there skip over to Cafe de Flore.
just a few ideas.....
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Thanks petals :)

I'm not sure where exactly he's staying. Most of the time he's going to be and out of meetings. I'm sure they'll still eat plenty...but the last day was his to spend it as he pleases.

I'll pass along your suggestions...thanks :)

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