Recomendations for fine dining cookbooks for South American, Indian, South East Asia and Mexican kit

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    Recomendations for fine dining cookbooks for South American, Indian, South East Asia and Mexican kitchens?

    I would really appreciate some recomendations of usable cookbooks (I live in Sweden so I won't be able to get ants from the Amazons for a recipe from D.O.M.... :) ) that are a bit towards the "fine dining" end of the food spectrum but preferably not to Modernist Cuisine. Also if there is any other amazing book, please tell! 

    Here are some books I own which I really like, so you know what kind of books I prefer:

    Michel Bras - Essential Cuisine
    Thomas Keller - The French Laundry/Bouchon
    Raymond Blanc - Le Manoir
    Daniel Boulod - My French Cuisine
    David Chang - Momofuko
    Jason Atherton - Maze/Gourmet food for a fiver
    Alain Passard - The Art of Cooking with Vegetables
    Daniel Humm - Eleven Madison Park
    Grant Achatz - Alinea 
    Rose Gray - River Cafe Cook Book 
    Gordon Ramsay - 3 Star Chef 
    Marco Pierre White - White Heat
    Yotam Ottolenghi - Jerusalem 
    Mikael Solomonov - Zahav
    Francois Payard - Bite Size
    David Everitt- Matthias - Essence 

    Thanks for every tip!

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    I'm not sure about the concept of fine dining in SE Asia (I don't know much about the other areas you mention).

    It seems to me that the regional  food is really there to be enjoyed and shared with family and friends in a leisurely or family home setting.

    I think you will find that most of the fine dining restaurants actually serve French food....


    For Thai maybe look at David Thompson "Thai Food"

    He has Nahm restaurant in Bangkok.


    For Indonesian, look at rijsttafel options

    Check out the books from Sri Owen (regional Indonesian cooking is pretty good) and from James Oselund (cradle of flavor)


    For Malay/Singapore, check out

    And for vietnamese:
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    When it comes to Mexican foods I would check out most books by Rick Bayless.  He pretty much covers the whole gamut of Mexican cuisine from peasant fare to more upscale stuff and covers the foods from most areas of Mexico also.
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