Recomendations for a builtin double oven

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by abefroman, May 18, 2012.

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    Recomendations for a builtin double oven, the one I have now is malfunctioning and $700 to repair.

    What are the good brands?

    I used it about 2-3 times per week, bread, cakes, pizza, as well as roasts and thinks like osso bucco.
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    We have a 30" Frigidaire Gallery Series electric double wall convection oven that has been used hard for about the past 6 years.  Love it. Goes to 550 (Oven and broiler), as low as 170 (300 convection, 400 broiler) .  Self clean function kicks @ss.  Heavy racks (4 per), start time, bake time, preheat time all great.  All original elements, and like I said I use the thing multiple times a week.  I haven't done a calibration test, I probably should but haven't noticed with specific baking recipes that call for certain times/temps any immediate issues.  So for a solid home oven, I think it works very nicely.  Granted the broiler is an element but the heat distribution has been sufficient for all of my uses.  I even incubate salami in there with the light on as it will get to around 100 overnight.  The rack guides are showing wear (slight rusting) but that's to be expected.  The convection is pretty quiet compared to other ones I have listened to in people's homes.  Oh and very well insulated, heats up fast as well. For the money we have been very happy with this oven.  It weighs around 300 lbs so your mount needs to be solid.