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Hey y'all, so I'm a line cook at the moment, working on finnishing culinary school, and I was just wondering how much time y'all put into comming up with, testing, and tweaking new ideas. I have some positions opening up in which I will be able to directly influence the menu and I want to have some good ideas, already fleshed out. I'm totally willing to put as much time and energy into R&D as I need, I guess I';m just looking for a base line? Just to see what the pro's do.
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Can't calculate how long would it takes! If I have experimented new thing it took me to gather more information first then take a shot to make it perfect.
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UM...personally it would be impossible for me to put a time to that. I've constantly got a stream of food ideas running around in my head(along with the obligatary extra voices...).

If you're talking menu development, i'm in meetings twice a week to come up with different menus & ideas(as well as the numerous times a day i'm jumped by the F&B manager). I think we're in the process of five menus right now(might be 6. cannot remember. it's in my book...).

As for start to finish, we develop an idea, test it, critique it & tweak it.

Alot of my menus are based on cost as well. I'm sous at a golf course & we're just coming into the busier season, so drawing ppl out won't be as difficult. During the winter we ran a different feature menu every month. From burger bonanza to 2 for 22$. Not exactly culinary artistry but at the end of the day we're making money. Trying to draw ppl in within our demographic. We're a little out of the way, so we need the support of our community. Most are in an older age group & alot are on fixed incomes. So we need to be competitive.

For catering gigs i get a larger budget & more creative freedom. Those are the menus i really look forward to.
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