Recipes from strangers and 7 vegetable middle eastern couscous

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Yesterday I was shopping at one of my favorite vegetable markets, buying some potatoes and herbs for my comfort food roast entry. Nearby there were two women, a mother and her young daughter, shopping for vegetables together. I don't know what ethnicity they were but their clothing was colorful and long and wore a head covering. The mother was instructing her daughter on how to pick out a good turnip and I was listening intently because I had never bought a turnip and I'm always happy to learn new things. I asked the woman what she was planning to make with the turnip and we fell into a long conversation about the dish they were shopping for. They called it a 7 vegetable middle eastern couscous and rattled a long list of ingredients.

sweet potato

Apparently this is some sort of stew that is served with couscous. I googled it and there are so many variations on this dish. I'm wondering if anyone has made anything like this using the ingredients above. I'm certain there are more ingredients in the dish that I can't remember or weren't mentioned.

I'm so happy I struck up a conversation with these ladies. It makes me want to talk to more people at the grocery store. What a wonderful place to connect with people and other cultures.
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I have no vegetable market in my area. It's all the large commercialized markets. The one "food stand" near me that sold on the land of our flea-market during week-days lost it to Walmart buying for whatever monstrosity they call their neighborhood center.. it's like Walmart with less stuff and less staff.. umm
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