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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by nick pocock, Dec 13, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, I hope it is ok to post this in here. 

    For my final year project at University I am creating a web application that will allow chefs to enter recipes and dynamically change the recipes for various numbers of people.

    I was wondering if maybe anyone could tell me what they would personally like to see in a recipe program.

    At the moment here are a few of the pieces of functionality i plan and have implemented. 

    - A list of default common ingredients

    - User can add ingredients which are then stored in the default ingredients

    - same for utensils

    - Can preview how their 'steps' will be published before its saved to see if any errors are present.

    - Click various quantities which will dynamically change the amount of each ingredient 

    - ability to upload a picture of the recipe.

    If you could possibly comment on a few of these, or if anyone would be willing to talk with me over email it would be really beneficial to my course!

    Thank you very much.
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    Do you mean like an app? there is so much apps and sites that provide this sort of things..take a look at them and take ideas from there...

    Or you can make a website like Wikipedia only for food lol  
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    You might take some time and look at the multitude of recipe management programs and apps that currently exist. I use MasterCook which does everything you have listed plus nutritional analysis, shopping list generation, and full search capabilities as well as web capture and sharing for under $20

    There are others, Living Cookbook, Now Your Cooking, Big Oven, as well as some for MACs. Apps abound, cruise the Apple, Google, or Windows app stores.

    IMHO, the characteristics you listed are for a "barebones" product.
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    There's always room at the top if you do it better than the rest. 

    While I have no use for the social networking scene, that seems like one of the next break through field for a food app. 

    Along those lines:

    maybe a way to drop a recipe into the meta tag info on an instagram image of the food. A twitter link of what you're cooking tonight...

    a way to pop-up reminders of new recipes to try in a persons electronic calendar. Think Google Now, but for for stuff people have flagged that they want to try to cook. 

    Or by picking recipes, it populates a shopping list in their app like Don't forget the milk. Sure, many cookbook apps create shopping lists this way, but you need to integrate it with things people already do use. Because while a cooking app might make good shopping lists, its too single use. It needs to connect to the tools people already use to do their stuff. I'm not going to check my cooking app, I'm going to check my notes app and my lists app for building my shopping list.