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Hello all,

Please can you tell me how you currently develop recipes?


I am developing an idea for a website ( to help people discover new ingredients and flavour combinations, and to also help with recipe development.

The basic idea is that there is a network of ingredients that are connected to each other in different ways and by following the connections you can find ingredients that go together because they are either directly connected to each (like best friends in a social network) or they have a mutual connection (like a friend-of-a-friend in a social network). For example, ingredient A goes well with ingredient B because they are found in the same recipe; ingredient B also goes with ingredient C because they are found in another different recipe; nobody has ever put ingredient A and C together because they have never appeared in a recipe together; however, the probability of A and C going well together is high because they have a mutual connection/friend in ingredient B. So by exploring the network you find new and interesting combinations. If that makes no sense then let me know and I will try and explain it better. It might also help to look at the mock-up picture on my website.

As well as finding ingredients, the website allows you to develop recipes, search recipes for inspiration, build a portfolio of work, collaborate with colleagues, build a social media following and publish your work as books.

Searching on this forum and reddit I have seen posts asking for features related to developing and scaling menus, so that might become a feature as well.

It is aimed towards chefs, professional cooks, trainee chefs, enthusiasts, restaurants and food manufacturers.

I would love to hear any feedback or comments you have and I'm happy to talk about it further.

Thank you for your time,


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