Recipe Re-creation. Palet D'or.

Joined Feb 14, 2011
Hi, i'm a 1st Year Apprentice Chef in Australia and I'm attempting to re-create a Ramsay dessert at home, the Palet D'or with Chocolate and Hazelnut Ice Cream, Chocolate Tuiles, Gin Gelee and Passionfruit Creme. I chose this recipe in particular because the ingredients were quite simple to find, the method wasnt too complicated and i didnt need to buy any special equipment, it will allow me to practise a lot of useful techniques. What i was hoping for was any help you might have to offer, hints for making a good sponge, how to get nice thin crisp tuiles, things that i could take on board to hopefully make this challenge less stressful (and less expensive haha). Thanks.
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