Recipe ideas for James Martin competition?

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    So I'm entering a recipe competition to win a 5* cooking lesson with James Martin himself! (my fav chef) but the recipe needs to be from Spain, the Caribbean, Italy or Greece. I've got a few recipes I'm quite famed for by now but I don't feel like they're original enough, any tips on unusual but tasty ingredients from Greece or the Caribbean maybe? Creating a recipe from ingredients I've never used before may be fun :)
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    Welcome to Cheftalk

    I see your far from a recipe student, congrats on the competition. I thought i would just put a few ideas up in the air.

    You have too many choices to pick from.  From what I read two of his favorite things to cook with are Lurpak butter and bacon. Yes/no ?

    Carribean : the flavors of Creole and French food.....

    Pepper pot stew, callaloo soup (with your own twist),

    Make  a dish using cassava, taro, sweet potatoes, or better yet, breadfruit.

    Fish: you can make wonderful dishes with codfish, flying fish, kingfish, mahimahi

    What about conch ? Tenderize it, add cucumber, chiffonade of greens with a  3 citrus drizzle served in a 1/4 pomelo skin. Conch fritters with a special dipping sauce

    Snapper: 2 ways: sweet lime zest/salty plum

    Shrimp creole ? Serve with long deep fried plantain chips as a garnish

     A stew fusion  incorporating tastes from different fish and spice blends.

     Secret ingredient ? cassareep, bhandania

    I don’t think you will have any problems, you have a list of great dishes you already make.

    I wish you all the best.

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    I actually entered a recipe myself.  Consider chilies for the Caribbean, olives from Greece.  As I understand a lot of Greek food is local, so maybe octopus would be a main ingredient. Good luck with that.  :p
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