Recipe for Cranberry Sauce - Sort of Extract not Jam

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Hey guys, so I am in search of a recipe for cranberry sauce which is similar to a red wine reduction. The only ones I am finding are sort of like jams. 

I sort of can picture how I can achieve what I am after, but prefer to get an idea of what you guys think/do.


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There's a lot of pectin in cranberries so it's a natural choice for making jellies and jams.  In fact, unless you do not cook your cranberries you can be assured that it will gel.

You also could however use a few cranberries, cranberry juice, and make a sauce l'cranberry, as in l'orange.  So you wouldn't be making a cranberry sauce, you'd be making a cranberry flavored demiglace type sauce...

Or you could try another fruit and make a Cumberland sauce.
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There are a lot of cranberry bogs here at the beach so fresh berries are cheap. I make about 15-20 pints of sauce every year no pectin needed, it jells well and is spreadable like good jam.
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