Recao Verde?

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First off, hello!  My name is Ellie and I am new to cheftalk!  I admit I am a bit of an amateur in the kitchen, but I LOVE to cook and want to learn as much as I possibly can.  That being said, here is one of many questions I have:

Does anyone know how to prepare Recao Verde?  My husband is from Panama and talks about it often, but is not quite sure how to prepare it.  We know it contains:





And thats all we can figure out.  We have tried to google it, but cant seem to come up with a recipe.  Also, my idea is to make this and give it out as gifts to family during Christmas.  I plan on storing it in Mason Jars.....would it hold, or would it go bad quickly?
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Ellie, we're glad you found us and hope you enjoy being part of the community.

Your question about Recao Verde will have to be asked in the Food and Cooking Questions forum rather than here in the Welcome Forum. If you need some help deciding where to post, just drop me a private message ("PM") and I'll be glad to help. We have members from all over the world, including Central America, so I'm sure someone knowledgeable will come forward to help.

Have some fun exploring the board and getting to know the community. We're happy to welcome all comers- professional or home cooks (like you and me). You're encouraged to read all the forums, but we home cooks must consider the professionals' forums as "read only" for us.


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