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For many of us, grieving will go on for a long time yet after last Tuesday's terror. The natural next step is to think about rebuilding. It hopefully helps us to heal as it forces us to think about the future. In your opinion, what would make this future brighter? What should replace the twin towers?

In my opinion, I think it would be nice to allow the light to shine in the heart of the financial district. I say build a park in the memory of the lost ones. Plant some trees and some roses. It would be more beautiful than any high-rise, and would be an even more powerful tribute to the victims given the land's prime real estate value. Should the towers be rebuilt, I'm not sure anyone would want to work there... (I wouldn't!)
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Out of deference to those who have passed, I too would suggest building a park, not with chairs/scupltures/objects like in Oklahoma City, but rather a real park, with trees, plants and flowers, a place of quietude and peace, a large green space which would naturally lend itself to reflexion on what has happened there, on that spot; how we can pay hommage to those who have so violently died there and how we can try to work towards making sure it will never happen again.
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I would say build a park instead of more office space,and build it around some remaining debris,like they did in Pearl Harbor.There is one problem,the lost office space needs to be replaced,or the office space rent will go through the roof.That is assuming there will be as many businesses as there was before.
Does anybody know any bussinesses that will close due the loss of employees and C.E.O.s?
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If Cantor Fitzgerald stayed open after losing 700 out of 1000 employees, then I think there's hope for the others too...
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I've been thinking about this too, Anneke, and I think a park sounds good. But it is hard to look that far forward yet. Looked at the satellite photos of the area yesterday and the extent of the devestation is just unfathomable to me.
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I've also wondered what they'll do. I think a living park sounds like a great answer.

I don't know what to do about that specific area of NY if they need more office space... But this whole thing has me thinking that it would be wiser in the future if we didn't place all our eggs in one small area. Instead, would it be possible to spread out the financal district? Smaller buildings, in several areas, for many important businesses...with our comunication abilities (granted they can be sabotaoged either way) it seems like a do-able idea to me? Isn't that part of fighting back, don't build targets?

There for a while, everyone was talking about building the worlds tallest building (again) in Chicago. After last Tuesday I see skyscrapers as a thing of the past.
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I heard that the area devestated was 16 acres. I'm not sure about that but I do know that NYC lost 20% of it's office space last Tuesday. I think that will have to be replaced but in a different configuration than before. I'm sure that what ever shape it takes, there will be space for remembrance.
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