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This is a ramble and I hope you guys don't mind..

My older child is a brain tumor survivor.. he was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma in 2008 and underwent an eight hour operation to remove the big tumor and then had radiation to get rid of the unoperal bits.

A pilocytic astrocytoma is a benign bran tumor. His didn't behave like a benign one and presented as an aggressive cancer after much testing it was deemed benign. He has been to hell and back with this and finally he is getting his life back. He was far too young (14.5 at the time he was diagnosed) but he took it on and gave it the good fight.

I joined a brain tumor support group on facebook and I met this one lady who lives in South Africa and we really hit it off. Sadly her little guy has the cancerous sister tumor to what my son had. He went through a few rounds of treatment and it appeared to work but not now. His tumor is back and rapidly growing and he is getting weaker and weaker by the day. His time on this world is numbered and my heart just breaks for his mom.

Cancer is such an evil beast. So please say a prayer for Little Jed and his mommy.. they need all the support they can get...

Thanks for letting me go on
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My prayers are with you. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now. I have never had children. But I did go through 8 months of treatment  in 2006, then surgery.

Please post or pm your address so that we can send a card your way and even letters of encouragement. What a terrible thing to have to endure. Stay strong and above all else, never give up hope, hope keeps us all going.

You give so many of us here at CT a bit of a reality check , for when it comes to life and our family and what really means the most, we must be grateful for every day, no matter what. We support you my friend.

Je t'embrasse bien fort.

You have brought tears to my eyes......
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My Prayers are with you also.

I lost my husband to Cancer 14 years ago. Lymphoma. I am in the Relay for life in Sunderland Ontario ( a group of us who all have people we care for or are there for loved ones lost )


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So far little Jed is comfortable and Bon is doing everything she can for him.  She's spending his last days with him and she is holding up for now.  Inside she is heartbroken and shattered but she has to put on a good face right now for little  Jed.  I remember doing the same for Max and I must admit I feel son gets to live and hers does not... that bothers me to no end. 

Both of my parents died of cancer but for them it was lifetsyle induced. They both smoked like chimneys and drank like fishes and that caught up with them. 

Gypsy I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband to this nasty disease..  A beloved teacher in my life lost his to non hodgskins lymphoma.. he got it just after I graduated from high school and beat it .. and then it came back and he lost the fight.  
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Petalsl.. can you just send me via pm words of encoragment and I will post them on fb for Bon?  Thank you so much for caring
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Thanks guys.. you all are the best.

My heart breaks for Bonni and Jed and it's just scary how life changes. I am praying for them and I pray for a miracle for little Je
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Of all things tragic in the world, kids should be spared of this. I can think of little else that's more unfair. All the little ones are always in our thoughts. I think the only saving grace is that our brains our somehow wired to the point that when we do go it's peaceful, based on personal experience I honestly believe that to be true. And I thnk it's harder on us than the little ones. Somehow they are magificant troopers through all of it.

Still I wish all of you the best possible outcomes. OUr thoughts are with you too.
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I'm sorry to hear about your friends son it really sucks to hear this kind of news ... about 2 years ago we found out that one of our neices has an incredibly rare type of leukemia ... she's still in the fight and taking medication but from what I understand she's in pain almost all of the time.
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I agree, kids should be spared of this kind of thing.  They're young and have everything ahead of them.  I still remember how it felt to be told that our son had something  potentially deadly growing in his brain and then hanging on to a hope until we heard the pathology results. I don't wish that feeling on my worst enemy.  We were lucky,... our son did not have brain cancer but we did meet some families whose kids were battling brain and other cancers. 

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