Really really? That's what you're going to interview with?

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Mini rant: There's a new restaurant opening up near us and they're interviewing for the chef de cuisine position.  We happen to have a large kitchen, a slow week and a chef de cuisine who's friends with the new owners.  As such the interviewees are using our facilities to do their tasting menu interviews.  All fine and dandy, happened before, will happen again.  The cause of the mini-rant is the guy that came in today.

Good lord man.  How spread out do you need to be?  The rest of us still do need to work and need the space/resources you seem to have decided are all for you.  While we don’t mind helping you out a bit, we’re not here to make your recipes for you or to fix them for you.  How many sauces are you going to break?  Really, the béchamel doesn't need to be cooked that much.  Is that why most of your dishes had no sauce or do you just like dry food?  Oh, and seasoning isn't just for sissies!  Food likes having flavor, I promise!  I love panna cotta and yet you managed to kill it for me.  How exactly did you manage to get a thick lumpy creamy colored one skin on it?  Is that why you tried to cover it with tons of stuff on top of it?  Did you notice how much of the food you sent out got sent back uneaten?  Do you realize that the entire staff was disgusted by you today and as soon as you left started mocking you?

If they hire you I'd be surprised, no no, shocked.  Period.

Mini-rant over.  Thanks for listening.
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lol, no, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel/img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
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