Really pleased with my mayo replacement

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I'm sure this is not unlike things other people have made, but I am proud of it because I came up with it (mostly) on my own, I didn't even start typing goog....... /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smiles.gif

I've been trying to eat healthier, but I love food and flavors. I decided to do some sandwiches for dinner, and I've had a "cilantro mayo" before so I started thinking and decided I would try to make something similar, but with no mayo. Instead I used greek yogurt. Actual ingredients were about 2 cups of greek yogurt, a dash of white cooking wine, a big handfull of cilantro, about 1 tbsp of diced garlic, a little salt, about 1.5 tsp of cumin powder, and about 1 tsp of chipotle powder. Threw that in my little food processor and blended until the cilantro was tiny.

Man was it good, I didn't miss mayo at all, very smooth and creamy like mayo, and packed with flavor with just a little heat. Thought I'd share in case some of you are in the same boat with wanting to cut back some on fats.
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something really good they made yeasturday was sour cream with some mustard, he used whole/coarse mustard, put it on a sandwich and it looked delicious. i wanted a piece but im new intern so didnt want to.
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eastshores, I'm going to try that. The cumin, white wine and cilantro sounds like a zingy combo. Greek yogurt, great substitute for mayo or sour cream based sauces / dips.
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