Really need advice on bread please hahaha.

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I'm looking for a bread like turkish bread but more dense on the inside. Or if you could suggest another nice bread for toasting, I am helping a friend with a recipe for garlic breads so i want something that will still have moisture after being fried or grilled and have a bit of chewy to it, like a turkish bread texture hahah.
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Does the bread really matter, garlic bread involves butter and oil that should keep the bread moist unless you burn it.
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i don't know if you can have it all. Traditionally garlic bread is made with dense bread such as ciabatta so that it will absorb the flavors. Turkish bread and pita bread are made with olive oil and are flavorful on their own, they won't absorb as much garlic or butter/oil. Focaccia is dense and made with oil but you could try that otherwise I would stick to ciabatta.
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thank you, I really appreciate the help ciabatta seems like the perfect bread!!!. Couldn't of done it without you hahah

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