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Not sure....they were roundish with a dark chocolate covering and a farm cheese and raisin filling. About 1 1/2"-2" in diameter.
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Format~ describe the event, participants, theme, cost, beverage,location

....Last Janurary I did a Russian Cocktail Party for my Incurable Epicurean
"Gourmet" Mushroom group.

OK>>>veggies in the group, wild mushrooms a must have mid 30's in number, adventuresome eaters (hunters of wild shrooms)

Buckwheat Blini station with caviars (5 kinds
beluga, wasabi, ostera, Russian red, whitefish) iced down in a punchbowl. sour cream and porcini as alternative

Black Trumpet dumplings in a veg. Borscht
served in Irish Coffee mugs

Pierogis...potato, white truffle oil (forgot about this application of wto)

Goat cheese tarts...forgot name sorry flaky pastry and creamy goat cheese filling

Selection of smoked fish (from Russian store)
breads, fresh butter

Radishes with mustard butter piped on

Russian chocolates, the chocolate covered cheese with white raisins

Babas in Rum syrup (yup these are Russian too),floating in a large glass vase

Meragines...I cheated and bought at the grocery

Incredible iced vodka

at a members home cost was $15 a head. Edited the amount after checking notes.

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