Ready to take the heat and not get out of the kitchen

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    I Just Like Food
    Hello everyone,

    My name is Alex, I'm 23 years old from Montreal, Canada. I'll start off with the basics, pretty simple really, I love to eat. Food, to me, is one of the few expenses I can consider going overboard with on a budget for the simple reason that you will always need food to stay alive and what better way to feel alive than to enjoy a great meal.

    With that said however, those 'great' meals have often been experienced in restaurants where others cook for me or simply at gatherings where I wasnt in front of the stove.

    My parents cook well, I just never really got into it at a young age and therefore took if for granted. I've been living on my own for close to 2 years now and while I can 'cook' the simple all-in-one rice dishes, pasta and standard steaks, chicken and/or pork to keep me alive, there are no ground shaking dishes or skills there.

    My kitchen equipement consists of mainly 3 cast iron pans, 3 small sauce pans, two fruit knives with dull edges and not much more. That's right, no knife whatsoever to cut meat and the like...

    I love food. I think bitting into something that wakes up your senses is one of the greatest things in the world. So I started to get interested, watching cooking shows and things like that. I figured, if they can do it, pretty damn sure I can do it too. There we go... I found ChefTalk on Google and here I am.

    I've been browsing the forums for a few weeks now and bought the Joy of Cooking yesterday as it was highly recommended. Started reading that Bible slowly but surely, fun times ahead I reckon. There is an interest there, and this place seems like a good place to start...

    3...2...1... Cook!
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    You can never go wring with cast iron.  Have fun, and don't take any negatives too seriously.  If you enjoy it, screw everyone else.