Reach In Refrigerator that Can Also Become a Freezer?

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Does anybody know of a 2 door reach-in refrigerator that can also become a reach in freezer if I so choose? I know that there are combo units that have 1 door for a fridge and the other for a freezer. This is NOT what I need. I'm looking for something that I can use as a refrigerator but if I don't need it anymore but need a freezer instead, I can just lower the temperature and it will be a freezer. Thanks!
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There is. I remember seeing it several months ago but I'll be damned if I can find it now. It isn't True or any of the others- I looked.
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I'm certainly no HVAC expert, but the threads I'm seeing suggest that any conversion might work better for initially converting a (already designed for and existing) freezer to a refrigerator first, then later converting back to a freezer.

You need to deal with both insulation and with the load on the compressor. An existing freezer will already have the necessary insulation and compressor system for freezing. Conversions from a freezer to a refrigerator mostly appear to primarily need a new thermostat, with both the insulation and compressor systems as overkill in a refrigerator mode.

Of course, if this is done as a DIY project, there probably wouldn't be any UL certification, and a question of insurance liability might also occur.
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Nobody suggested converting a freezer to a refrigerator or vice versa. This was a commercial unit with a range of below zero to +40 deg F. Just turn the knob.
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