Re-season carbon steel pan

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Hi, my seasoning is all broken on my carbon steel pan (DeBuyer, my first carbon steel pan.)

What's the "best" and easiest way to remove the current left-overs of the seasoning and start all over again? Anything I should keep in mind? Is it better to use a gas stove rather than electrical one when re-seasoning it or does it not matter?
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Carbon steel pan seasoning isn't like cast iron seasoning, the metal is less porous & doesn't absord the seasoning the same way. You don't need to strip it. Just wash the pan and reseason. Frankly, I just heat up oil in mine on the stovetop, wipe it out with a paper towel, and let it cool. You can do that every time you wash it.
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I prefer using salt and/or a stainless steel scrubber for cleaning all of my CS pans and woks.  The last step is to deposit 2 to 3 drops of oil and some salt and rub it with a paper towel and finally rinse and dry.
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Salt, oil and steel wool for that non-stick finish. Heat oil and salt in pan until very hot. Wipe clean and cool. 0 grit steel wool followed by 00 grit. Wipe clean, oil and store until ready to use.

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