Re-heating fully cooked chicken, is thawing necessary?

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Hi. Newbie here. We often buy in pre-cooked frozen duck wings that we can drop for 5 mins and serve. We also serve fresh o/night marinated Chicken wings and want to pan fry fully in our Rational SCC, cool, portion and freezeand then cook to order. With Chicken would we need to thaw again our pre-cooked wings or is it safe to fry from frozen? I've found conflicting answers via google and even our health inspector was unable to answer. Just don't want to put our customers at risk.


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Fry them straight from frozen. The quicker you move from 40-140F the less risk.
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Do it however you like. Chicken wings are too small to matter. Make sure the frozen wings are separated from each other before you fry them though. A ball of icy wings is dangerous in the fryer.

By the way, are fried duck wings good? I imagine they would be kinda tough? Only ever had them in soups/braises.
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And you can drop any pre cooked poultry directly from frozen, even breasts.
Being pre cooked, the problem isnt food safety, but with thighs and breasts
youll have golden fried on the outside, cold chicken on the inside.
In that case, you either need a pre thaw, or you need to get the middle warm first.
The pieces are usually nuked, before or after frying.
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