Raw Kibbeh?

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I would love some insight on how to prepare this dish! The internet has given me very different recipes and I want to know the best way to make this! Thank you!
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

The main point about making Kibbeh is the lamb that's used.

I can't stress enough how important it is.

I have the option of grinding my own so I know where the lamb comes from.

For someone like you, it would be best to go to a butcher in your area and have them grind it for you.

The lamb should be free of any fat and be as lean as possible. I suggest meat from the leg as it is generally more tender.

Have the butcher grind the meat 3 times.

As for the recipe, I suggest a bowl of ice water be nearby while you mix so that your hands stay as cold as possible.

Use bulgar wheat #2. Follow the recipe suggestions well.

As for the seasonings you'll have to experiment with the cinnamon and other ingredients to achieve the results you want.
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If you have a Halal butcher in your area, I'd suggest looking there for the lamb.They sell a lot of it, whether they are Middle Eastern or South Asian.

If they also happen to be Middle Eastern, rather than South Asian, and you tell them what you want to make, you're golden. They'll be happy to fix you right up--and will probably be happy to give you recipe suggestions to boot.

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