RAW FOOD RESTAURANT - the latest trend?

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This was truly an intersting piece to read.

Klien was givin the nod by some pretty heavy hitters.
facinating concept and innovation.

Thanks for the link


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Very interesting article and I have to wonder after reading it will a concept like this last? It seems more like a one time experience concept and I think will be hard pressed to build repeat buisness. I know very few people who can eat this way all the time.
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Hard to imagine this being a way of life- especially in the Midwest, where it's hard for home cooks to get really fresh produce year-round- at least without going broke.

I'd be game to try a meal there, just to explore the flavors. I admire her extreme creativity to achieve familiar, recognizable products with unexpected ingredients (parsnip couscous, for example).


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It can certainly be a good cuisine. I doubt the penetration power into the market though. There's a lot to compete against.

It's highly intensive in preparation, and rather perishable. This means it's going to be expensive and little could be pre-prepared without serious flavor decline and even nutrition or health risk. So lots of on-time labor on many seasonally limited ingredients.

Seems the concept itself is self-limiting because of economics. That doesn't mean it won't become part of mainstream restaurants as seasonal specials or whatever. But if there is ever a transportation crunch or fuel crisis, this will be the first cuisine to fail.

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