Raspberry Lemon Ice cream Cake

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We are getting ready for a celebration and I am thinking of making ice cream cakes: one variety will be with a brownie bottom, ice cream, more chocolate and peanut butter. The other, which I am wanting more feedback on, might be a raspberry lemon ice cream cake. I made a light sauce out of some raspberries we had. I have a box of lemon bar mix which I was thinking of using on the bottom. I thought I would mix some lemon flavoring into softened ice cream and put that on top of the lemon bar mix (which I think I would use a bigger pan for than requested so it is thinner.) I would top that off with my raspberry sauce as a glaze and re-freeze it. Any thoughts? Thank you.
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Just a couple of suggestions for the raspberry lemon dessert.
Don't be tempted to use an extract as you will get a bitter aftertaste.
Try a few drops of lemon oil (online from LorAnn.com or from any cake supply shop or even the baking aisle of a hobby shop like Hobby Lobby)
If it is impossible to find then another route would be lemon juice concentrate from a grocery store.
You may want to concentrate a bit more as any extra liquid in the ice cream may ruin the firm consistency you are looking for.

About the raspberry sauce.
If just layered on top and frozen the texture will be crunchy.
Either drizzle on top for service or better yet concentrate and stir into the lemon ice cream for a marble effect.

Both desserts sound yummy !


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