Rapeseed oil

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Hi. I watch Saturday kitchen with James Martin in this. He tends to cook a lot using Rapeseed oil. Can someone tell me the difference between this and extra virgin olive oil or any other for that matter. I make clarified butter sometimes and use that.
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I use rapeseed oil a lot of the time. There are cold-pressed versions of it here in the UK! It is technically the same as canola but in the UK is not genetically modified. In the summer many fields in the UK are turned bright yellow with the flowers. Its a neutral oil and is useful if you don't want the flavour of the oil to take over a dish.
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n the summer many fields in the UK are turned bright yellow with the flowers.
They grow canola around here, too. Acres of golden yellow fields. Canola has an interesting history. Rapeseed is the wild version which was used a a lubricant for machines -- the high levels of eurcic acid made it unsafe to eat in any quantity. The eurcic acid was bred out of rapeseed by a Canadian researcher, and it became Canola - from Canada and oil.
That's not GMO, just the usual plant breeding. So although it's called Rapeseed in other countries, it's really Canola, not the original Rapeseed.
There are both GMO and non-GMO Canola crops grown in Canada, but in the UK and Europe, they prefer to call it Rapeseed. Same plant.
Here's an article - https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/ne...34717778/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&
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