Range Question, please.

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It may seem strange, but in all these years I've never cooked on a gas range.

Thinking of going from an electric to gas at home, and was wondering what I was in store for.

Don't really know what I'm asking for, I suppose I'm wondering if I will like cooking on it, any differences in cooking to watch for, etc.

Thanks for any observations you may have.

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We recently replaced all of our appliances and went from an electric to gas range. Running a gas line to the kitchen was the best investment I've ever made. Agree with Brian, you will love it.
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Quick control of burner temp. Ability to roast peppers over the flame. Ability to warm tortillas directly over the flame. Works during a power blackout (have matches ready though because electronic spark or Hot surface igniters not much good when power fails.

Only negative I can think of is the smell from hand hair or towels burning when cook is clumsy and gets them too close to fire.
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Well, I'm getting this because I nearly burned the kitchen up.  I'd have fired everyone within six blocks if an employee had done what I did.  Not going to elaborate.

Anyhow, after 25+ years of tending a huge wood-burning pit, I think I must kind of enjoy the burnt-hair smell.  I'm definitely used to it.  But thanks for the heads up about the towels, that advice... will pay attention.



Did you know that burnt eyebrow hair, arm hair and head hair each have their own distinctive smells?  Not sure if the type of wood contributes to this or not (red oak, hickory, etc.)

Worst smell for me is when you're wearing a nylon long sleeved shirt and bring your arm up and hit a calrod unit.
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