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hey all,

long time forum creeper, first time poster.

this is probably the wrong section. but i'll give you a quick rundown--

used to always want to work in a kitchen, did for a little while but then my life went down a different path. i then landed a steady/stable job. but now i'm 25 and thinking of being one of those "career changers" .. i'm now looking for a kitchen to work in at any position. but now to the reason of my first post...

recently virgin money have had this comp on facebook "childhood dream" where people post their dream and if they get the most votes virgin money will make it happen.. (well...make it happen up to $5000 worth).  the comp ends soon but i thought i'd give it a shot at entering. 

i posted my dream which was to work at the french laundry as a dishwasher (yes, a dishwasher) for a month. i know i more than likely have no chance at winning but i only entered an hour ago and already have 6 votes. the person in the lead (a friend of mine) has only 149 votes. so maybe it's not unrealistic.

anyway-- if any of you would do me the massive favor and vote. it would be a huge honor.

yes.. i know.. i'm begging. sorry :(

the link to follow is:


hopefully that takes you straight to my post. my name is ashley m.

thank you again!

and i hope i'm not violating any cheftalk rules!

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Why go through a contest to do that?  I did a stage at The French Laundry and it was a great experience.  On any given day they have a lot of stages from all over the world.  They do have a long line of people wanting to see their kitchens, but they say yes to some of them.  

I wouldn't suggest stageing as a steward, though.  If you are interested in cooking, stage as a cook and ask to stay to watch service (it truly is something to see how they run their line, I've never been in a kitchen like it since).  Their stewarding staff has been there for years and have a very precise system in place.  Just be honest with your interest and be persistent, no contest required.
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hey, thanks for the reply.

the reason for the comp is more to do with the fact i'm in australia and if i was to win (highly highly unlikely) then my flights/accom would be paid for. if i lived in the states then, yeah, i would have just asked if i could stage and then hoped for the best. 

but yeah, absolutely true that maybe stageing as a steward wouldnt be the best idea. but it's a virgin comp and i figured the whole richard branson/virgin company idea thing- he would probably prefer it if you were to start right from the bottom :/  .. just a thought.

how long did you stage there for?


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