raisins going bad

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I like california raisins but they are impossible to find here.  They only have sultanas, which are less tasty, and are usually covered in some dubious oil (even vaseline!).  So I buy them when i go abroad.  Of course they don't last forever, and sometimes i bring back a large stock.  I notice that they get "granular" when they sit around too long, even in sealed packages.  I want to know what these "granules" are - if they;re bug eggs (i don't generally see any bugs) i don't want to eat them, but if it';s just some process of crystallization of the (natural) sugar in them then I don't see why not to use them in cooked dishes at least, soaking them a little first.  I don't have all that much refrigerator space, and i have even less freezer space. 

Is there any other way to keep them (vacuum packing them, if i were to get hold of a vacuum packer) or something else?

And are these bug eggs, or sugar crystallization.  They;re the color of the raisins, and the raisins don't have the usual bug holes you find when some bug enters something and lays eggs in it. 
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Vac pak works and don't worry about crystals, it is only sugar and in cooking will dissolve.

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