Rainbow chard stems

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Hey does anybody have any techniques for preserving the color in rainbow chard stems. We have been getting some beautifully vibrant product lately but only use the leaves in a dish, so I've been trying some different things so I don't waste the stems. I've brunoise them for a garnish, pickled them, sauteed them, and chopping them and drying them under the plate warmers for garnish. The results are mixed, with nothing being mind blowing. But my real problem is they always lose their vibrancy. I'm shooting for something I can use as a nice garnish, or a component to the plate that the leaves are on. Any ideas or tricks?
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You might try something with that approach. I think things like high heat and vinegar will kill the color. You could experiment with bagging them (separate colors of course) and adding a little EVOO and whatever aromatics you want. Try poaching at a low-ish temp (I dunno, 170? 180?) until they are tender but not mushy. This might be a starting point. 

I only suggest it because sous vide is a great way to preserve vibrant color in a lot of vegetables. Remember if you cook it too long in the sous vide you will still kill the color. 
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Since you have access to a cryvac machine, you could try compressing them with a 2% brine and making thin ribbons or w/e with it? 

It'll go translucent and should retain its colour (never tried it with rainbow chard before).  
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