Raclette for X-Mas

Joined Jan 9, 2002
I'm doing Raclette again at our place this year and was wondering if anyone out there will be doing the same and if you have any recipes you'd like to share.
Last year's hit: chicken breast finely sliced and marinated in some mushroom-crannberry sauce topped off with camembert cheese. For dessert I put out strawberry, banana, and apple slices, powdered sugar and chocolate sauce. Everyone was so surprised to use the raclette grill for sweet dessert, but they were very impressed!
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After working for a Swiss boss for the past 15 years I must say i'm kind of a purist when it comes to raclette.

I like it melted over warm potatoes with cornichones and pickled onions,some great bread,lots of black pepper and thin slices of bunderflish.

La' abbliate from the Dezely is the perfect wine imho to enjoy with raclette
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