Rabbit chasseur

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Hey guys.

I am a culinary student and have an exam coming up. Were doing a rabbit loin chasseur with a selection of tourned veg (potatoes and carrots). I want to do something a bit different than the standard chasseur sauce and was wondering if any of the great chefs on here had any ideas in regard to the rabbit, garnish, presentation etc?

Thanks in advance.
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I do not know your instructor(s)/chef(s), but IMHO if you are to do "rabbit loin chasseur", it had better be "rabbit loin chasseur"!

TBS, you might vary the presentation and maybe even the garnish, but to "play around with the sauce" is, IMHO, courting disaster.

OTOH, if your assignment is to do "your take" on rabbit loin chasseur, go for it.
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Im going to stick to the basic chasseur principle. I was more thinking on how to cook the loin and which parts of the rabbit to use as garnish. ribs, kidney etc. and then the presentation of the dish. Any ideas???
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Pierre, the recipe is quite simple, so you're on your own for that. Maybe a little help with plating ideas from the following website.

Do sniff in the "Archief" too! This is a website of a number of very talented young chefs aged 25-30..

A few of them already have Michelinstars. Most of them work in Michelinstar kitchens.  Enjoy; http://www.flemishfoodies.be/  
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