R.I.P. Dee Dee

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Dee Dee Ramone, bassist for the Ramones, died yesterday of a drug overdose. I hate this ****! Poor Joey went out with lymphoma, but stupid Dee Dee had to stick a needle in his arm and go out like every other schmuck.
The Ramones were one of my favorite bands. I miss good rock n' roll.
Why can't the people whose music I hate go away and just leave the good ones behind?

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There goes another piece of my adolescence. Bad enough when disease takes them but even my husband said, "I can't believe that guy was still shooting!"

Apparently Dee Dee was not as popular as Joey. After Joey died, hundreds of candles were placed outside C.B.G.B.'s but after Dee Dee died, there were only four.

Lift your glass with a hearty, "A, O, Let's go."
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I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound callous however....
One of my best friends and bandmate back in the old days, stuck a needle in his arm and it killed him as well. I have known many people with drug problems and have had my own demons in the past, but sticking a needle in your arm is the height of stupidity and anyone whos does knows the potential. Do I feel sorry for them, yes I do, I feel sorry that they are so stupid. We all take chances in life that one has the highest odds of losing. Dee Dee we'll miss you, but you are stupid! And that's what you will be remembered for, not for your music. Great legacy huh?!
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Chrose -
as an old punk rock girl who's chased a few dragons I couldn't agree with you more! I've lost too many people and have no patience with this ****!
There's nothing ****ing glamourous about being a junkie and the only legacy you leave is one of unfullfilled promise, stupidity and sadness...


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