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I seem to recall reading this definition - Cooking - the strategic application of heat to make what's available better (or something along those lines) but I can't remember where.

Ring a bell with anybody?  I'm thinking of stealing it, & I'd like to attribute it.

But then, if I attribute, I guess it isn't stealing...

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Thanks, FF - that's more than likely it - either that article, or Bourdain using it in something else.

I googled "the strategic application of heat" & didn't find this.
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Cool! Glad I helped. I googled the same exact bit you mention, but making sure to use quotes (") so google looks for the sentence, and not just the independent words - maybe that's it.
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As with any information you are given, it is your responsibility to consider the source -- tv, newspaper, radio, internet.....even wikipedia. If you wish to take everything at face value, that is your choice. However, in our world of "spin" it often pays to dig a little deeper. I recently read an Ann Coulter book and a book by a very liberal author (i forget the name). They both covered the same topics but presented the information very differently and came to very different conclusions to the same set of "facts." It was fascinating and an eye opener to realize how much information is presented as "fact" when the real story lies somewhere between the two viewpoints.


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