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Hello there, I'm new to this board and was wondering if anyone could tell me a little about quince. I just bought one and was thinking of making a quince and fennel slaw as a side with pork or veal chops. I was told it was like an apple but bitter. Any ideas?

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I think if you look on the food network website, Rob Feenie has some recipes for quince posted there.
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... referenced in a thread in the Recipe Exchange. All you need to do is click on the tab at the top of the Cafe page that says "search," and search for the word "quince." I asked about quince recipes last May, and several people responded with both great ideas and links to sites that turned up some great recipes.

About using quinces in a slaw, though, I have some doubts. Raw quinces are naturally quite sour, and somewhat hard. Every recipe I've seen cooks them, often for a long time before even adding them to the rest of the dish, uses sugar either in the pre-cooking stage or in the dish they are added to.
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