Quick question on a cheesecake

Joined Sep 22, 2009
Hey guys, I was planning on making a mango cheesecake this week and then I got the thought to turn it into a mango-coconut instead. Im pretty good on the recipe, Im adding toasted coconut to the cookie crust, and adjusting the filling recipe to add some coconut milk. What I need help with is I want the top to be covered in toasted coconut, Im assuming if I use already toasted coconut it will burn, so I considered just putting it on the filling and baking it normally, thinking maybe Id still have to cover it part of the time. Any suggestions? Ill be baking around noon Fri. Thanks!!
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I do it several times a week to top Coconut Custard pies and it works like a charm.

I'd bet the residual heat will help adhere the coconut, especially if you sprinkle it on when you turn the oven off to let the cheesecake rest for the next hour.
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