Quick Pickups for Starters in a Hot Oven!

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Hey All,

I am going to be making pizza in a very hot oven (700+ degrees) and would like to pickup some hot appetizers, quickly, in the same oven, ideally 5 to 7 minutes or less.

One item I'm considering is dry rubbed, whole chicken wings. I've worked in places that par bake for about 30 minutes, cool, stores, then fry to order. However, I want mine a little more tender. In an ideal world, I would confit, but have concerns with the rub. I was thinking a 180f to 200f oven, low and slow, cool and store, then hot cast iron in the hot oven for a few minutes to warm through and crisp. Any thoughts for executing these in the best way possible?

Also looking for other starters that might do well at these high temps. Would love to do Clams or Mussels. One of my favorite restaurants steams them very lightly to get them on a half shell, stores, then heats on a grill to warm through. Any suggestions for this style or other apps would be sincerely appreciated! Only catch is no sous vide and want to keep it simple.
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At my work I use a 650+ degree gas oven. I mostly do pizza, but have also used it for turnovers, cheesy breads, paninis, and flatbreads in the past. It works quite well for browning meats also, which I use for the paninis.
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