Quick Late Nite Dinners?

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I know many of you are too tired to cook after doing it for your profession and often times go for cereal over anything else, but I'm sure some of you have a quick cook late nite dish you might want to share....

Here's one...

some salt pork and onion diced and sauteed
angel hair pasta cooked
toss the pasta in the pan with the pork and onion to coat,
while hot, break a raw egg over top of pasta and mix immediately, it will cook as it coats the pasta
grate Pecorino Romano on top
S & P

10 minutes max!
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angel hair pasta tossed with butter sauted shallots and caviar.
great for new years eve too.


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I have to admit it. I am a frozen pizza junkie late at night. Or used to be. My girlfriend (and soon-to-be wife) got tired of seeing me eat frozen pizzas and burritos, so she makes a months worth of burritos and freezes them. They rock!!!
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as odd as it seems, occaisonally, i do enjoy being challenged by the lack of or being suprised by the contents of the cupboard.

The other day, i made a stir fry of crab meat, tuna and vegetables with egg noodles.
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