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Looking at getting a cheap knife to use at a temp job, 25cm is a must for me. I have fairly decent stones so factory edge isn't an issue either.. I'm looking at these possible.

Will these be much/any difference? Any input welcome. Thanks
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Have no idea what these knives are like, but for the price I'm guessing thick at the edge and real soft steel, and you'll need a grinding wheel to get rid of the ridiculous bolster protrusion.  You might do better with a typical NSF knife like a Fibrox, you can always grind those clunky handles down with a dremel and small sanding drum bit.
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Sure, in that you won't have a bolster to grind down. Blade profile looks like it's a little different than your original 2 links, so as long as you have an idea of what you prefer. Handle has the same characteristics as what Rick Alan describes above

I'm thinking there should be knives with the same profile as your original links sans fingerguard. I know there are cheap NSF knives made to that shape, just not sure names of the UK offerings
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The Fibrox might cost more but will undoutably have a thinner grind and perhaps also harder steel than the mercer, profiles look about the same though.

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