Quick and tasty tuna

Joined Nov 5, 2007
So while doing some poking around on the web for my tempura roll beef wellington, I saw this in some video. Looked simple, easy and tasty, thought I'd give it a try.

You take some decent sushi tuna and make a stick. You massage sesame oil int the tuna, and then roll it in fresh, chopped cilantro.


Into a hot skillet with a light drizzle of more sesame oil. Maybe 15 - 20 seconds per side.


Cool a bit, and slice.


Simple, quick and delicious. I think next time I'll add in some hot chili infused oil into the process. And trust me, there WILL be a next time, and soon!

Joined Nov 15, 2012
My favorite French omelet is simply prepared with Merken infused oil over the evoo and finally mounted on a croissant. I will have to try that with your tuna thing now, with and without the croissant.
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