Quiche crust: To pre-bake or not to pre-bake?

Joined Jul 2, 2003
When baking quiche, is it a good idea to pour the ingredients directly into an uncooked pie shell or a partially cooked pie shell?

If precooked, how long shall I precook it?

Joined May 26, 2001
I like to pre-bake it a bit, just until it starts to color. I also like to "seal" it with a bit of egg wash or prepared mustard, in which case I bake it until the wash looks dry. This way, the filling is less likely to make the crust soggy. If you do this, though, you'll have to watch the edge in the final baking, to make sure it doesn't burn. (That is, if you are baking in a regular pie pan, not a tart pan.)

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